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A Poem Dedicated To Cheyenne By Irene Stillwell
17 Rottingdean Place - Falmer Road - Rottingdean - Brighton - East Sussex BN2 7FS England

Your name means dog, it's not the truth for you are Wolf with all the power that that implies.
A free and primal spirit of the forest's what you are with the wisdom of survivor in your eyes.
In aeons past Wolves joined with Man for the benefit of both, warmth and friendship, maybe, is what they sought,
Most no longer look like you but dogs are happy in their work, a lasting love affair is what they wrought.
Throughout the world they did it well and in some places god-like status they achieved.
Oh but Wolf, now you are threatened and if we can't let you live, our future generations are bereaved. You are still the Ancient One, pure and simple, YOU are what the planet has to lose,
It's why you're where you are, helping your kind to go on, perhaps not in the way that you would choose.
Hard times will come when deep inside you hear Wolf-calls to set your senses reeling
And all you'll want to do is run and hunt to find the special one to satisfy that feeling.
But you can't and even if the yearning drives your Lupine soul to depths of madness
All that you can do is , in the night-time, face the moon and howling push away the sadness. A day may come when a certain someone gets your hackles up, a smell, a look, a threat that you perceive within their eyes,
If you forget your manners no second chance will be allowed, they'll call you bad and crazy not primitive and wise.
I am privileged to have met you, for love and healing magic went hand in hand with mutual trust
and while treasuring the pleasure I worry for your future, ever hoping that your reward is Just.


"Miss Cheyenne"

A Poem Dedicated To Cheyenne By Shaun McMillin

I walked to school today, Guess what I saw?
She was MAGNIFICENT! Two eyes, some fur and four lovely paws.
She came up to greet me with a gentle smile Immediately I knew her cause.
As soon as she appeared, she was gone by a mile.

I walked to school today, Guess who was still here?
My four legged friend.  The wind was blowing through her hair,
She gave to me a quick lick, then ran back to her den.
We were such a pair!

I walk to school today, Guess what I could hear? She is evil!
Do not allow her to come so near!
Evil I cried! NO! Evil is spreading your fear!
My friend came near.

She sniffed the quivering human and quietly went on her way.
Can you see now? She is NOT evil You have misunderstood!
People one by one came to see A new friend not to fear, but one that is good.
Now she can live in peace in our mountain neighborhood!

I walked to school today, HOORAY!
They have left her to be. My four legged friend came up and licked me!
We walked a bit but not too far, She let me know she had to go I was glad to know
That it is possible for the two legged and four legged To live in HARMONY!
This is her key that sets us free!










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