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Adopt A Wolf Program

You can help with expenses by adopting one of our wolves.

  • For a $5 or more monthly donation you will receive a certificate of appreciation, photo of your wolf and a tax credit.
  • For a $25 monthly donation you will get all the above plus a T-shirt after three months and a hat after six months to
    say thanks for you generosity.
  • For a $50 monthly donation you will get all the above plus after the fourth month you would receive an embroidered
    dress shirt with our logo.


Koda was well taken care of, but his owner had to move and wasn't allowed to have him were he moved to.  He is a one-person animal and will only bond and play with Mark at this time.
Ranger came without a name as he was picked up as a stray by the Park County Animal Control, so his new name is in honor of law enforcement everywhere.  We were contacted by Animal Control since they were sure he was a wolf dog mix and couldn't put him up for adoption.  We agree and think he's a wolf/shepherd/husky cross.  We don't know his age but think he's a young dog.  Note his golden eyes, long legs and big feet.  His coat is rough like a wolf too.
Lady Lady is a furry ball of high energy. No matter how tall you are, she'll jump up and kiss your face, maybe even nibble a little, too.
Thor is a big lover who hasn't grown into his feet yet. He's still on the klutzy side but loves to hug and kiss.
Merlina, aka, Merlin was born May 1, 2008- She is known as the elusive one. She wants nothing to do with humans. She won’t even come to you to get food or treats. Like her father, Shone, she is one of the lowest ranking wolves in the pack.
Abby Hanhepi Wi was born in 2003- She is a bit of an attention hog. Although she loves humans she goes after other animals to keep them from her people guests. Consequently she has to be in her own pen. She also talks a lot.
Baby was born in 2004- She is Mama Bear’s most playful pup and like her sister, a constant talker. She will jump up on the roof of her house and want you to pet her. She could be a poster child for wolfdogs. Her eyes express true love.
Josie Josie came to us from Cripple Creek and was in an abusive situation. She is slowing making progress but tends to be cautious of adult males.
Lakota was born May 8, 2009. He is the most regal of all of the pups and like Cherokee and Apache has met thousands of people. He really doesn’t like to travel but once there he makes friends with everyone. He loves to give kisses and will steal things from your pockets.
Apache Apache was born May 8, 2009. He is one of our three new ambassadors that travel to schools, fairs, private functions and local prisons. He even spent time in MDA jail to help raise funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association.
Cherokee Cherokee was born May 8, 2009. She is the only female in this litter and is wound up like an eight-day clock. The term “incoming” is used for her when she comes to greet you. “Excited” is a mild statement used to describe her actions. She loves everyone and is out to prove it.



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